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benchmarks your ability to have peace of mind without isolating yourself and create meaningful impact that matches who you truly are.

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We’ve measured your answers against these four cornerstones giving you a score out of 100.

A Score of 80-100 is “ on Fire “ , 40-70 is “ Flashing “ , and 10-40 is “ Barely Glowing “.

Additionally we’ve given you an overall score which
takes into consideration the way your impact 
translates into tangible business results. A score above  80% is “ On Fire” , 45% – 80% is

Thriving in life requires unbound energy therefore anything that reduces
your ability to thrive elements your ability to create meaningful impact in life

“Areej is the one who will tell you what you used to hide for years, she has the ability to dig deep into the root cause for your pain and struggles, as well as summarize what you said and didn`t in a very impressive way. You will feel heard as if it`s the first time for you to experience that. This is how I felt while working with her. She has a contagious enthusiasm and passion. Areej definitely is the first one I would consider when situations are complicated, and I need new perspective." 

MD Professor at a prestigious university – United States

“I took a new path in my career that I used to think is impossible to have, I established my dream business and got international awards, couldn`t do all of that without the help I got from Areej."

Consultant at one of the top five Media Industry in the world- Europe

The Spark Assessment Will Measure You Against

The 4 Elements of Thriving


Your ability to confidently share your deepest pain and struggles with an expert, who does not have a hidden agenda, and can show you your life from a totally different and empowering perspective.  


Your ability to reopen your wounds, heal them forever, and be able to recall the painful experiences with peacefulness.


Your ability to turn your business experience into a futuristic well-crafted vision.


Your ability to perceive your life and business challenges as opportunities that are aligned with your vision.

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49 questions to improve your ability to have a meaningful impact

“It’s great to work with Areej! she is always full of new ideas and when it comes to leadership, she is a defiantly smart leader. Areej never failed to provide anyone with her assistance and advice, personally I like the way she calmly empowers me and giving the needed directions that perfectly match my abilities and skills set, while boosting the spirit of exploring new challenges. Finally, she is very well organized, diligent in her work, easily reachable, and always there to help and support.”

Consultant at one of the top five media industry in the world- Europe


Find out how you comfortably revealing to a trusted person, discovering the root cause, creating a vision, and transforming your life and business.


Once your score has been calculated, our system will produce a customized report outlining specific actions for enhancing your score.


45 minutes call to go through your personalized report, in a way that gives you an empowering perspective, look at the big picture, and the tailored strategy to implement it.

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